What is holding your business back?

One interesting observation regarding the lack of progression in respective businesses. Often Business Owners will look at the staff they have recruited, and wish they had different attributes. We get frustrated at the time it takes for existing resources to execute certain tasks. Yes, sometimes we look at resources within our businesses as key reasons why our businesses are not progressing. Lamenting the need for better resources, at the same if not at a cheaper rate.

Business owner…..let me posit additional questions for you to answer…Ready? Ok here goes…

a)’How clear is my strategy as a business owner?

b) How well have I communicated this with my staff?

c) How well have I empowered my staff with the tools I have provided them to work with?

It is so easy to apportion blame because we ‘pay the bills’ but sometimes, we must admit that we have not done our homework as well as we should have. If we are not in a position to acquire the right tools for the job, then we must make sure that we hire the personnel that can produce the desired output, with the tools we are able to provide. We can’t really short change either end of this equation and expect different results.

I read a quotation once which said that ‘where there is no vision, people perish’ This is so true, sometimes the easy target is our staff, but with the benefit of hindsight mixed with a little bit of honesty, could the target be a little bit closer to home?