Identify your 'Value Add' & Improve Profits

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How could selling ‘Value Add’ impact my business?


  • Enhance decision making

  • Helps secure company’s future

  • Improves Profitability

  • Improve customer relations

  • Reduces time to market

  • Improve business process

  • Improves compliance & risk management

  • Strengthens Customer Relationships

  • Improves operational efficiencies

  • Improves Cost management

  • Drive innovation

  • Drive revenue growth

The POSITIVE IMPACT on my Business

The team at BCAMS helped us enormously! They improved the quality of our pipeline, increased sales & improved profits by 34%. Working with them was easy and definitely cost effective
Andy Saoulis
Managing Director
Paul is a master at building and maintaining people networks. He is a manager that acts as a team player and mentor. He's been driving the business forward and has succeeded to bring new customers on board.”
Weynand Kuijpers
Vice President

Advantages of selling Value Add Products & Services



  • Creates more customer confidence 
  • Increases revenue & profitability
  • Improves customer loyalty
  • More sustainable sales approach
  • Greater perception of value 
  • Generates more cash reserves
  • Demonstrates excellent customer care
  • Provides more fiscal stability 
Improving Sales

Challenges associated with NOT selling Value

  • Affects your company valuation
  • It will undermine any exit plans you may have
  • Severely impacts your company’s credit rating
  • Affects your confidence
  • Increases your costs


  • Minimal margins = serious financial risk
  • Challenges company’s long term future
  • Undermines staff confidence
  • Risk losing good internal resources
  • Potential investors become nervous

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