Improve Profits by Identifying your ‘Value Add’

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How could selling ‘Value Add’ impact my business?

Improves profitability  

Strengthens bond with customers

Helps secure your company’s future

The POSITIVE IMPACT on my Business….

“The team at BCAMS helped us enormously! They improved the quality of our pipeline, increased sales & improved profits by 34%. Working with them was easy and definitely cost effective”

Andy Saoulis
Managing Director

“Paul is a master at building and maintaining people networks. He is a manager that acts as a team player and mentor. He’s been driving the business forward and has succeeded to bring new customers on board.”

Weynand Kuijpers
Vice President

Advantages of selling Value Add Products & Services.

Our Track Record

Working together 

Improving Sales

Challenges associated with NOT selling value

Is your business selling Products and Services with minimal margins? If so do you feel that you are running HUGE risks with your Company’s future? Knowing and understanding how to sell ‘with value,’ protects you, your customers and your company’s future.

What have we done?

How have we done it?

Turned around underperforming businesses

Worked at Board Level with both SME’s & MultiNationals

Sector agnostic

Experienced Director

Improves skillsets of Business Leaders

Increased Sales & Profitability

Share industry proven Tools & Techniques

Reduce Customer Churn

Improve Customer Service

Benefits of experienced Director without associated costs

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