Understanding your financial statements

Understanding your Financial statement, is mandatory for Business Owners. These reports contain very important information about the health of the company.

The Challenge

Business Owners & their finances.

Both Accountants & Business Owners alike, experience a lot of frustration in this area. Accountants speak to Owners in "Accounting Speak", and Owners simply do not understand. Owners also, don't want to spend too much time with their Accountants to try and understand, as they see this as a very costly exercise.

This can be a very expensive issue for Business owners, depending on their strategic plans.

The Financial Statements

Profit & Loss Statement

The importance of understanding the Profit & Loss statement cannot be underestimated. Here the income and expenditure is recorded, also various ratios can be calculated. Key in providing vital information for Business Owners, seeking to lead their company strategically.

The Balance Sheet

A Balance Sheet is a statement that reports a companies assets liabilities & shareholder’s equity at a specific point and time. A major report in providing the valuation of a company.

our approach

Understand Gaps

Our service includes simplifying Financial Statements, and presenting them in easily understandable ways.

Exploring the P&L and Balance Sheet

We introduce the Financial & Management Ratios, helping Owners to understand the advantages of using the ratios.

Preparation for Investment or sale

 Some owners are looking to prepare their Businesses for sale or raising investment. They need to create and execute a plan to help them improve their chances to help with attracting investment.

our expertise

Unique approach




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