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YES I have attended many Conferences

You attended 1 or many Cloud Accounting Conferences. Gained a lot of knowledge and ideas regarding improving your efficiency, profitability and relationship with your clients.

Now a few days have passed, and you find yourself exactly how you were before the event. The vast improvements you believed that you could realise with implementation of said ideas, have now become a distant memory.

The normal reasons for this impasse, have yet again emerged. No time, no available resource to help, customer demands, GDPR implementation, deadlines to meet......yeup, they have all returned.

This e-booklet, is designed to give you some very easy first steps to at least start the ball rolling. Initiatives that are easy to implement, yet so vital in ensuring that you are well positioned to start the process of improvement that seemed so important to you at the event.

Happy reading, Happy implementation..........



Helping YOU succeed

BCAMS specialises in providing specialist help for Business owners who are struggling with finding time to make necessary improvements within their organisations.

Regardless of the market space that you operate in, there are some PROVEN Building Blocks, Business Models, Tools and Techniques, that Business Owners can learn, to help alleviate the stress and frustration, associated with feeling out of control.

We work successfully with Business Owners, by sharing these methods, creating appropriate strategies, and executing them together, where required, in a timely manner. We do this to help ensure that the chances of you achieving your Strategic Objectives are enhanced.

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privacy BCAMS values your privacy and would never spam you

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A skilled business leader and profit generator, with a track record of delivering tangible results in short time scales across the EMEA Region. His consultative style, has helped him successfully position organisations as the Supplier and Business Partner of choice.

He has positively turned around the fortunes of under-performing organisations, and helped them achieve better profitability in the process.


I have known Paul and his career for twenty six years during which time he progressed in size and responsibility of roles and companies to form practical experience on which to draw. Ranging from startup to a global public group Paul has worked with small company issues and big company best practice”


Andy Mulholland Global CTO CapGemini