Customised Services

Business owners have differing needs.

It is not the case of one size fits all! We help business owners by understanding their Business, the associated needs they have and the challenges they face. We work with them to help them gain the required outcome.

Empowering them where needed with practical tools and techniques, to help them, unlock, challenges within their business.

This approach saves them Time Money and Resources.


Performance Improvement

Like a car needs a  service, there are moments when in the lifecycle of our business, we need to refresh what we are doing.

How can we improve profitability, efficiency, capture more customers and reduce waste?

This service enables Business Owners to review their strategy, look at ways in which they can improve the performance of their business, by making any adjustments.

Coaching & Mentoring

Successful Business Leaders have a Coach or Mentor. The key advantages gained from such a relationship are numerous.

As an example, some of the benefits gained are:- 

  • Improved Productivity
  • Exposure to new ideas/techniques
  • Increased Confidence

Ultimately, once what is learned is implemented, it results in improved efficiency, profitability and productivity….happy, retained customers…..

Understanding Business Finances

The importance of understanding the finances of your Business should not be underestimated.

Some Business Owners struggle, and in many cases give up, relinquishing control to their bookkeeper or accountant. Fear of being confused or overloaded information, they stop trying to understand. This of course can be a very costly delegation, as understanding of finances, helps business owners make informed strategic decisions.

Our service helps owners understand the finances of their business, by presenting them with the information using clear understandable strategies.

Non Executive Directorships

Running a Business can be very lonely.

Often, we need someone to talk to, to bounce ideas from, and even be stretched by them. To challenge our ideas, and even offer alternatives.

Whilst there are many benefits in having these resources, often SME’s can ill afford  to have them on their payroll.

Our service enables SME’s to have an experienced Business Leader available to them on an affordable and ‘adhoc’ basis.

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