Key Tip to help Business owners survive lockdown

As we slowly emerge from lockdown the signs are thankfully positive!

However, all of this is coming off the back of months of reduced trading conditions. Even with governmental help and support, there are still many organisations having trouble surviving.

Many Business Owners are now at the stage where they are feeling tearful, restless and agitated. Some are no longer finding pleasure in their business, which they once enjoyed. Sadly, in some cases, some have lost confidence and self-esteem.

Why? They have struggled during the lockdown.

Some of their clients have also struggled, and their supply/customer chain has been disturbed. As they peer into the future, some are facing the challenge of restarting their business, such is the situation they find themselves in.

One thing we all need to guard against, is the dangers of being isolated. It is so important to talk. Find a friend in whom you can confide and share how you are feeling. Of course, wisdom, will help you determine who that individual is. The person may not even be a businessperson, but as a friend, they could help you gain clarity of thought regarding potential options.

In fact, in talking, often things become clearer for you, so you may even find solutions yourself, where once you were unable to do so.

You may even find that someone confides in you, despite you feeling as the one in most need! The interesting thing that I have found, is that even in these situations, when you genuinely offer to help that person, you often also help yourself!

So, the encouragement today is simple – be there for someone and allow someone to be there for you.