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The Importance of Strategy

Is Strategy Necessary?

You are not alone as a Business owner today, wanting to review your Strategy. This is a natural stage in the lifecycle of all our businesses. What may be different is the reasons why we have to review our strategy!

For some, our market may become commoditised, we are losing market share, an attractive alternative product/solution has appeared on the market...the list is varied.

Then we have the challenge of our internal resource, and associated costs, how do we get those to line up with where the market is directing us? Yes it can be quite a mind boggling challenge to address.

The ability to help Business Leaders gain clarity of thought, combined with creating an appropriate approach to consolidate and grow your market position, and thereby improve profitability, is invaluable.

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Paul always works to an exceptional standard, with great details and thoroughness. Instills every confidence in his ability to deliver a great and consistent service everytime.

Monique Jack

Increasing Business Profitability

There comes a point where, we need to review our Business Strategy, no question ! There are so many issues that we have to juggle as Business Leaders !

It starts off as a great idea, for whatever reason, to start your own firm, or to be an MD, Chairman....however, we soon realise that with great power comes great responsibility!

In many instances, we realise that we are 'on our own' In fact the smaller the business, the more this seems to be a truism. Marketing, Sales, Finances, Recruitment, Logistics - the list is endless.

Lack of time is a killer!

BCAMS helps business leaders across the UK, address these challenges. We help them to understand and use powerful, proven tools and techniques to achieve their goals.

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Paul Hodgson

Paul is a skilled business leader and profit generator, with a track record of delivering tangible results in short time scales across the EMEA Region. Paul has successfully started and led businesses beyond performance targets. He has also successfully turned around the sales fortunes of underperforming Sales Teams, without losing a single member of the original team.

He has successfully opened a number of new profitable accounts for many organisations across the EMEA market, opening accounts for Carriers Service Providers, Corporates and SME's.

To achieve this has required the creation and execution of successful business strategies, in tandem with key stakeholders.

I have known Paul and his career for twenty-six years during which time he progressed in size and responsibility of roles and companies to form practical experience on which to draw. Ranging from startup to a global public group Paul has worked with small company issues and big company best practice

Andy Mulholland, Global CTO CapGemini

Paul is a master at building and maintaining people networks. He is a manager that acts as a team player and mentor. He's been driving the business forward and has succeeded to bring new customers on board.”

Weynand Kuijpers Vice President, NTT Europe