The Crow's Nest

The Crow’s Nest is one of the highest points that a  Ship’s Captain can position themself. What an advantage…….

Why The Crow's Nest?

The Crow's Nest

Once a Business Owner is in the Crow’s Nest , they are at a very advantageous position. From this point they could see all before them. Ships, Storms, Icebergs… This is why a Business Owner should be in a similar position.

To see what the Market, Competition, Suppliers, Customers, Staff are doing. Once they know, they could plan accordingly.

The Engine Room

Sadly, too many Business Owners find themselves in this room. Dealing with minutiae. Doing things that others should or could be doing. Worst of all, unlike being in the Crow’s Nest, they cannot see what is really happening with their Business’ environment.

What is the process?

1:1 Session

We spend time understanding both your professional & personal goals. Identifying the challenges, and scoping potential solutions.


Once challenges are understood, we can then explore solutions and options. We also take time sharing proven tools & techniques to help Business Owners effectiveness.


Monitoring & reviewing progress is essential. We fine tune any plans if necessary, to ensure we optimise results

our expertise


Over 30 years working with Business leaders

Track Record

Turned around underperforming businesses


Worked with businesses of all sizes & cultures.

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