CASHFLOW  keeps 74% of Business Owners up at night - KPMG

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CashFlow keeps 74% of Business Owners up at night, according to a report commissioned by KPMG*.

The ensuing lack of sleep affects health, your decision making capabilities and energy.

As a Business Owner, you are aware of the dangers of not being paid on time, particularly when you are chased by your creditors, and have no cash to pay them! You may delay payment, but that can have an adverse effect on your credit rating.

When you have a bad credit rating, it impacts the interest rates you get offered or equity you have to relinquish, when looking for investment.

Things could very quickly spiral out of control for you, your health, your company, and your family.

Retrieving cash from your debtors, regrettably isn’t as simple as calling and asking for your money – we have all tried that. We have all got the ‘cheque in the post’ promise! To be successful requires, knowledge, skill, resources and a range of techniques, that will help speed up the collection of your cash.

The BCAMS Credit Control service helps Business owners improve their CashFlow, increase their Business Valuation and therefore help them rest better.

*You can access a copy of the report here

Improve your CashFlow

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Benefits of the Service

  • Improve the Value of your Business
  • Increase Cash Reserves
  • Identify & Mitigate potential risks
  • Sleep Better !
  • Improved Cash Flow within 3 months
  • Regain Financial Control
  • Reduce Bad Debt Provision
  • Reduce Overdraft (Where applicable)
S Walder CFO

Maxine contributed positively to the Company, by greatly increasing Collections, Reducing our Bad Debt Provision, Streamlining & improving Credit Control Departmental Processes.

S Walder CFO Oracle CorporationUK