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Helping Business Owners

Being a Business Owner is tough.

We often feel as though we need multiple arms, endless cash reserves, longer days, more pleasant customers that paid on time............ You know the drill.

You have to be aware of everything.

Sales, Marketing, Compliance, Cashflow, Stock. Situations you face are challenging, particularly with the looming uncertainty regarding the impending Brexit negotiations. Yes, even though we are promised Oct 31st will be our last day in the EU!

Challenges with Cash Flow, Lack of Affordable & Reliable Resources, continued long hours are all too common for Business Owners today across the UK. These challenges combined with the increasingly complex Competitive Landscape, and challenging Strategic issues, makes the life of a Business Owner very challenging indeed!


Do you really need 'Advice?'

Business Owners are often 'advised' what they need to do. However, given their lack of time and resource to implement, this is often a very frustrating solution. Particularly as many Business Owners already have a fair idea as to what actually needs doing ! Yes advice can help, but the truth is, it isn't always a practical solution, for the time constrained Business Owner.

Problem is, we get the advice, but then as you sit behind the desk, if you are not careful, the advice becomes another one of those issues left for you to work on, with time drifting away and still no implementation.

What makes it worse, is the fact that getting 'advice' can often be an expensive option.


If not ''Advice' then what?

Our Business Transformation service helps Business Owners, identify with better precision, what the real issues are. Yes, many Business Owners know what their main challenge is, but to identify it clearly isn't always that easy!

Secondly, we also empower you, by sharing with you the secrets of proven tools and techniques, that will help you to identify & create a range of options to address future challenges.

Finally, if required, we can also help you with the implementation of the agreed solution.

This includes provision of 'in house' qualified, experienced practical help. This enables YOU, the Business Owner to move forward knowing that the issues faced are being addressed, and you are working with a Business Partner and confidante.

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Improve the Profits of your Business

A skilled business leader and profit generator, with a track record of delivering tangible results in short time scales across the EMEA Region.

Paul has helped organisations from Start Up to more established international Corporates, shape and execute their business strategy, empowering them to achieve their fiscal targets.

I have known Paul and his career for twenty six years during which time he progressed in size and responsibility of roles and companies to form practical experience on which to draw. Ranging from startup to a global public group Paul has worked with small company issues and big company best practice.

Andy Mulholland - Global CTO Cap Gemini, Cap Gemini

Paul always works to an exceptional standard, with great details and thoroughness. Instills every confidence in his ability to deliver a great and consistent service everytime

MONIQUE JACK Office Manager, AIS Ltd

“Paul is a master at building and maintaining people networks. He is a manager that acts as a team player and mentor. He's been driving the business forward and has succeeded to bring new customers on board.”

Weynand Kuijpers - Vice President, NTT Europe Ltd

Examples of Services we provide

I have to do everything

Being a Business Owner, is very lonely. Moreover, there are times that we simply cannot speak with some of our employees, on some of the challenges we face.

This is where, a 'sounding board' or someone you can confide in, becomes very valuable.

The advantage that 'independent' ear has, is that we have the experience, knowledge and understanding of business. We can also be very objective in our views, as well as share from experience and mistakes made in other organisations, by others as well as ourselves. Moreover, we can draw on similar experiences that we have dealt with, with other companies, from which we can leverage.

We help Business Owners, work through these business challenges, by providing advice and experience, as well as sharing proven, techniques, tools. We will also help you implement your strategy, to bring about the desired results, if required.

Gaining Strategic Advantage

To win a game of Chess, one requires a better strategy than your opponent. Not unlike the game of Business.

To gain a Strategic advantage in the current Business climate, is critical. How do we do it? Should I create a strategy based on my resources? Or should I create a business strategy based on what the market is doing? Or should I create one, based on how the market looks to be going.

What should be my approach? How should I market my services and to whom?

These are some of the key questions that are always asked, when trying to tackle this age old question - 'How do I create a Strategy'

We will help you find the answer, and also implement an agreed solution for you, so that your results will be realised.


Improve your sales performance

As Business Owners, we need to make sure that our organisations are profitable. To do this we need to retain our existing customers as much as possible, as well as gain new customers and also retain them.

Of course all of this has to be in line with our strategy.

How do we retain our existing clients, and maintain our profitability? How do we attract new clients? Where are they? Who are they?

We help you as a Business Owner, answer all these key questions, and help you create and execute a plan, that will contribute to the delivering of a sustainable profit stream.