Are you LEADING or FOLLOWING your business?


The Crow's Nest - Helping Business Owners

The Crow's Nest is a superb vantage point for Business Owners. It is from here, way up above the main deck, you are able, with your binoculars, to see what is ahead. Avoiding dangers, and navigating your ship successfully.

The Engine Room by contrast, is locked away, noisy, cold and pretty dirty.

It is here, were a lot of Business Owners find themselves locked away. Dealing with minutiae, to help keep their business afloat, and the engine moving.

As a Business Owner, where would you prefer to be?


It is almost impossible for a Business Owner/Senior Management Team to keep up with all the new Techniques, Strategies, the Competitive Landscape, Technologies, Cost Saving measures, Tips & Tricks that are emerging.

Simply put, the average Business Owner does not have the time! As one business owner said to me recently 'Don't show me what to do, help me do it!'

As a Business Owner, you understand how precious a commodity time is for you. The Challenges you face are REAL. They need addressing, properly and in a timely manner. Often the reality is, that these challenges don't come in isolation, but arrive accompanying or replacing others. They also come, at a time when you are busy, and have neither the time or resources to address.

They are costly if not addressed properly, time consuming and potentially very damaging to your business, relationships and cashflow.

As a Business Owner, we often look for the quickest yet most cost effective ways to address our challenges they face. The ability to have access to tools, advice and resources that could address your issues with laser like precision, is priceless.


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  • Confidence
  • Clarity
  • Decisiveness

Our 'Crow's Nest' solution empowers you as a Business Owner, by helping you transition from the Engine Room of your business, dealing with the minutiae, and transitioning you to the Crow's Nest of your business, empowering you with proven Tools and Techniques to address your challenges, the experienced director, who would be there to both advise and help create a strategy that will deliver outstanding results.

Added to that, as a Business Owner, you will also finds it invaluable to be able to share confidentially with a credible source any ideas they may have regarding your future strategies. Creation of what if Scenarios, will help you see clearly the implications of any decisions you make.

To get that sounding board has been incredibly useful to Business Owners.

BCAMS is offering you the Business Owner an opportunity to share, with one of our Business Strategists, absolutely FREE of charge. Lets see in what way if any we can be of help to you,and save you Money, Time and excessive Resources.

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Strategic Decision Making

Making  a Strategic Decision, can be quite an onerous task. Whilst the internet can be a useful source of information, by contrast it can also be a source of intense pressure, given the competition it could potentially introduce.

The combination of all these factors, can sometimes be very overwhelming for a Business Owner.

Gaining clarity, is tantamount to finding peace in the midst of a storm. Highly desirable but very uncomfortable before achieving it. With our Proven tools and techniques, we help Business Owners get the required clarity quickly, and help them gain the desired outcome.


Services for Business Owners


  • Help with Creation & Execution of Strategy
  • Employ & Execute appropriate Business Models
  • Tools to unlock challenges within your business
  • Mentoring with Quarterly Reviews
  • Team Building
  • Leadership Development
  • Business Transformation