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Why Having to learn – AGAIN – Is Great

I have had the opportunity to work for successful multinational companies at a Senior/Board level. It is fascinating observing the cultural differences between each. I have worked for French, British, Japanese and American multinational companies. Each want to do their best for the customer, each with their own way of doing so.

I have to admit, that I did not appreciate the differences in approach could be so varied. In fact to be honest, I never even thought about it! However, it soon became clear that approaches are different, once I was attempting to address issues within each company. The great thing for me is that now I have a variety of approaches to overcome challenging situations. Having these options is very useful, particularly when using one approach does not yield the required result.

As a Business Owner, it is so important to be open minded regarding approaches to overcoming challenges. Today’s world is so diverse and complex. The internet has introduced global ideas and solutions for localised problems. We can learn some of these tools and techniques and apply them to our challenges. Successful implementation of these approaches could save us a lot of money, time and deployment of resources that could be more profitably deployed elsewhere.

A word of caution though…

We need to ensure that we apply the appropriate tool for the situation. Misunderstanding in this area, could be a very expensive mistake to rectify. Conversely, if we apply the correct tool for the appropriate situation – the success gained will be beneficial in terms of Time, Money & saving of Resources.

Another important point of note, we should not discount applying lessons learned from mistakes.

So many business owners allow their mistakes to define them. As a result, they feel inhibited by them, and in some cases, scarred from the experience. Some feel nervous to recollect them and fear that they will be found out of having made the mistake and always silently disrespected by staff as a result.

They miss vital lessons!

I learned a long time ago, that a mistake is not as bad as I used to define it. Now, to me, a mistake is simply a way that I have learned how not to do something. Rather than hiding or being hidden by the mistake, I have learned to embrace the experience, and realise that it was a learning experience as opposed to one that consigned me to eternal failure.

So, learn from others, learn from your mistakes – yes, they are great lessons to learn!

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