Improve your Business Performance

Improving the performance of Small Businesses

Connect with Customers

Improve Performance

Develop a performance improvement strategy

External factors can have an adverse impact on your business performance. The competition, suppliers, Corona Virus, Cashflow - and a variety of other issues, can all compound to impede or stop progress. We want to help you, by working with you.

We want to share our knowledge, skills, proven tools, techniques & expertise. Our mission is to help you grow and improve the performance of your business with confidence.

The Struggle

Time Pressures

With over 30 years experience working with Business owners, we understand the pressures and challenges you face:-

You know what you want

You struggle to achieve it

You don't have the time to create or implement it

You face genuine practical challenges

Resource availability is key

You have competing priorities

The Simple Process

1. Initial Consultation

We spend time, understanding both you and your business.

2. Develop a Plan

We develop a plan, that helps address both your personal and strategic objectives

3. Implement

We implement and monitor our plan, refining as necessary

Our Services

Services to improve performance

The Crow's Nest

Transitioning Business leaders to a more advantageous position within their Business

Business Finances

Helping Business Leaders understand & leverage their Financial Statements

Empowering Owners

Sharing Proven Tools & Techniques, to help Business Leaders unlock challenges more effectively

Our Pedigree

Why work with us?

Our track record, is one of turning around underperforming businesses, regardless of market sector.

For years we have been working with Business Leaders, this has helped us understand the unique challenges they face. We have developed solutions specifically for Business Owners, that addresses the key issues they face.

This includes the sharing of Proven Tools & Techniques, specifically for Businesses. We also empower Business owners, by helping them understand the optimal ways to address their challenges.


I have known Paul and his career for 26 years, during which time he progressed in size and responsibility of roles and companies to form practical experience on which to draw. Ranging from startup to global public groups. Paul has worked with small company issues and company practice
Andy Mulholland - Global CTO Cap Gemini