Are you in  the Crow's Nest or Engine Room of your Business?

Helping Time constrained Business Owners, create powerful Strategies


Paul always works to an exceptional standard, with great details and thoroughness. Instills every confidence in his ability to deliver a great and consistent service everytime.

Monique Jack Office Manager


Business LeaderFor a Business Owner to be able to provide direction and leadership for their company, it will be advantageous for them to be in a position where they could see exactly where they are going.

Being in a position to see what the competition is doing, how they are impacting your margins, planning appropriately to address the impact, how suppliers are performing, How you can improve on your customer service, what are the new approaches, what are your customers looking for?

There are a number of things that we long to be able to do, given the time and space to do so.

However, the truth is often we get bogged down with matters that should be dealt with more effectively and more appropriate resources.

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I have known Paul and his career for twenty six years during which time he progressed in size and responsibility of roles and companies to form practical experience on which to draw. Ranging from startup to a global public group Paul has worked with small company issues and big company best practice"

Andy Mulholland Global CTO


The Engine Room is located away from the main part of the ship. It is hidden away beneath the deck. It is here where you need to be to fix the engine. All the mechanics are done here.

But what are the signs that you are in the Engine Room? What is the financial impact of being there? How much time does it cost you? Is it really of benefit for you as a Business Owner to be there?

Signs that you are in the Engine Room are that you are bogged down with minutiae, doing things that others should be doing, spending long hours consistently doing work others should be doing.

An over reliance on you as a Business Leader to get things done within your organisation.ineffective leadership

Challenges of a Business Owner

Why be a Business Owner?

You could be in full time employment, but frustrated.

Decisions made by your superiors frustrate you, as you believe there are better options available, compared with the chosen one. Options that could work better, quicker, are more cost effective and of better quality.

Finally, the time has come, you receive a windfall. You have been made redundant, and the opportunity arises for you to implement some of your ideas. It could even be an opportunity, completely different from the industry in which you have been working, nevertheless, it is an opportunity.


You want to Grow

You decide to take the plunge after carrying out due diligence.

You make that first sale, you make additional sales, life is great! Targets are met, cashflow is good, profits are steady.

Then the time arrives when you need to Grow! Growth requires a Strategy. Strategy is more than 'gutfeel', or emotion. It requires careful thought and analysis, combined with an ability to execute. The financial implications have to be well thought out. We've seen it so often on Dragon's Den or The Apprentice how important a Strategy is.

It just needs to be right  to work!


All Business Owners are aware of the numerous variety of challenges we encounter on a daily basis. Some we can foresee, others, just form part of a 'Normal Working day'.

Regrettably there are some which simply demand our immediate attention. These aren't just restricted to the office, but could be more personal, children, partner or health. We attempt to prioritise, but sometimes we even have competing priorities.

The truth, as a Business Owner, we have multiple challenges that we encounter, that need addressing.

I'm A Business Owner that needs help

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